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Old Time Radio Mysteries

Mysterious Traveler: Dark Destiny: 10 CDs by Mysterious Traveler

He takes the same train every week at this time, with tales to thrill you a little and chill you a little! Here's Maurice Tarplin as The Mysterious Traveler, your sardonic seatmate on the fast track to mystery!

Rushing you headlong into mistrust, misdeeds, and mu ... read more


Suspense Around The World: 10 Hours on 10 CDs by Suspense

Radio's Outstanding Theatre of Thrills seldom stayed in one place for long. Over the course of its twenty-year run, Suspense presented stories that spanned the entire earth. From the four corners of the globe come tales of shock and tension! Distant lands, exotic settings, a ... read more


Suspense Final Curtain: 10 Hours on 10 CDs by Suspense

Radio Spirits dares you to face fog-shrouded streets, escaped madmen, haunted houses, deadly creatures and curses. . . and the most horrifying thing of all. . . the heavy curtain descending on the final episode of Suspense.

In this exciting collection, re-live grea ... read more


The Shadow Radio Treasures (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Radio listeners first heard the sinister laugh of The Shadow on July 31, 1930. This 80th anniversary treasury includes two never-before-released shows starring Orson Welles and Margot Stevenson - "Revenge on the Shadow" and "The Hospital Murders"- from previously lost transcri ... read more


The Shadow: Knight of Darkness (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Radio Spirits is very pleased to present radio's greatest crime fighter, The Shadow, in this new collection of eighteen digitally restored and remastered episodes selected from the classic series. Featuring Orson Welles, William Johnstone and Bret Morrison each in the title ro ... read more


The Shadow: Strange Puzzles (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Music, madness, death and darkness face amateur criminologist Lamont Cranston and The Shadow. In the midst of the most classic of mystery motifs - from foreboding castles to frame ups - he unravels each remarkable riddle. From elusive treasure to conclusive evidence: How? Why? ... read more


The Whistler: Voices (10 CDs) by The Whistler

He knows many things, for he walks by night! He knows the nameless terrors of which we dare not speak! He's radio's grim conscience: The Whistler! And he's back with another collection of tense, twisting tales featuring some of Hollywood's finest radio talent!

... read more